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Love Is All You Need

In this cute office romance, Love is All You Need, Shyna is a young girl battling one problem or another in her life. From an early age, she is expected to shoulder all financial responsibilities in the wake of her father’s untimely death and her mother’s paralysis. Her life revolves around bills ranging from her landlord, and her mother’s medications to the schooling of her young siblings.

With the obligations of her entire family, her life becomes one tireless struggle to make ends meet. Things start to look up, but she accidentally makes the worst first impression in front of a renowned American billionaire who becomes her boss. As she works as his assistant, she comes to know that he has deep and ugly attitude issues. She embarks on a challenging yet fascinating journey with her arrogant boss that begins with hatred and slowly evolves into something, perhaps, more serious.

You’ll love this slow-burn office romance book, which includes tragedy, drama, romance, thrill, spice, and everything nice.

Why Read It?

Why Read It?

Love Is All You Need

Ashmita Singh is an author filled with tons of imagination and creativity. With her new book, readers will learn how she combines fiction and reality into one fictional novel. The two central characters fit perfectly in this narrative, making Love is All You Need to be filled with twists and turns with an unexpected culmination towards the end.

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