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Love Is All You Need

In this cute office romance, Love is All You Need, Shyna is a young girl battling one problem or another in her life. From an early age, she is expected to shoulder all financial responsibilities in the wake of her father’s untimely death and her mother’s paralysis.

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Meet The Author

Meet The Author

Ashmita Singh

Ashmita Singh was born and raised in the Islands of Fiji. She currently resides in California. Despite losing her dad, she supported her family without shattering any dreams of her own.

Always deep in thought, Ashmita often thinks about writing in mysteries, nonfiction in romance, horror, and inspirational stories. Her hobbies include dancing, acting, and helping America for its best future by donating to charities and animal funds.

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Why Read It?

Why Read It?

Love Is All You Need

Ashmita Singh is an author filled with tons of imagination and creativity. With her new book, readers will learn how she combines fiction and reality into one fictional novel. The two central characters fit perfectly in this narrative, making Love is All You Need to be filled with twists and turns with an unexpected culmination towards the end.

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Here is the official sneak peak into book written by Ashmita Singh titled, Love Is All You Need. Have a look at what the preview features, and why this makes for an exciting tale.


Story of Her Life

In the busy street of Lokhandwala Market,
Mumbai, Shyna Chauhan was seen making her way to a delivery point on her pink scooter. She was struggling to find her way through the congested traffic of Mumbai. The diverse traffic of this city included motorbikes, cars, donkey carts, autorickshaws, taxis, cows, and bicycles, to name a few. Although Shyna’s scooter looked worn out, it was still carrying the load of several pizza boxes. “Beep, beep, beep!” Shyna had her hand on the horn button, and with her other hand, she was directing the…


I’ll Do It

The first thing that Shyna would do after

returning home was greet her mother. Shyna’s mother was paralyzed and couldn’t walk on her own. So, she would move from one place to another with the help of a wheelchair. Shyna used to take her mother’s wheelchair to the kitchen to talk with her while cooking, where they would discuss everything that happened throughout the day. Today was no different. “So, how was your day, Mom?” Shyna asked her mother while stirring the curry with a spoon. “It was fine. It’s just that…


The Test

Shyna was raised in the US and completed

her education there. Despite not having a bachelor’s degree, she was more talented than the rest of her competitors. Her education in the States made her fluent in English. She didn’t just have good language skills but also good cognitive aptitude and emotional intelligence. She had various work experiences at a young age, enough to make her stand out from the other applicants. Shyna was confident, good at public dealing, and could perform tasks under enormous pressure. Her diverse multitude of experiences made her…

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Love Is All You Need


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